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Game studio

Ordinary Heroes is a 2D action-tower defense game being developped by COW in co-production with Cybernetic Walrus.

•Uniquely combining action metroidvania games with tower-defence.
•Beautiful 2D graphics & environments.
•Gameplay that intensifies as you progress.
•Unique and diverse cast.
•Town phase where you can upgrade your avatar and heroes.
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Enterprise services

COW worked on refining a cost-efficient workflow for 2D game development. We specialize in concept art, 2D-modeling, 2D-assets, 2D-environments and 2D-animations. If you want to learn more on how this can benefit your projects (even 3D projects) feel free to contact us. 

Education and gaming

"When a game is just entertainment we are losing something"

Video games are not only about entertainment, it's always about learning also. When you learn, you should have fun. What real benefits will the player take away from the game for their real life? How can we make something that lets you have alot of fun while also having something beneficial for your life? We have to understand how we can change a game and the rules to have this kind of benefit.

COW has acces to a large network of schools, universitys and ​educational non-profits. If you want to find out how your projects can benefit from this, feel free to contact us. 
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Virtual Reality

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Education is the base for a thriving society, and the transfer of knowledge has been a top priority for civilizations since the very beginning. People are constantly looking for ways to make knowledge transfer more easily, more quickly, and more effectively.
In the era of digital devices, we have an opportunity to enable better learning with technology. Virtual Reality (VR) seems to be the natural next step for the evolution of education.
Want to find out more on how Virtual Reality can benefit your projects feel free to contact us.
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