Developer Update 26/03/2020

Check out our new website at U can find all the info about our first project at that location. Apocalyps hit Europe and the rest of the world. Stay safe everyone, wash ur hands and keep ur distance. #together




Developer Update 20/02/2020

U can now find information about the different classes the player will be able to interact with in Ordinary Heroes on the game website All eight classes and one version of there in-game 2D model will be revealed in the next weeks.

Developer Update 08/02/2020

After an extraordinary journey that began almost two years ago, we can finally share more details about our first

commercial game, Ordinary Heroes. The journey up untill now has been a life changing experience on itself. That however is a story for another time. Ordinary Heroes is finally starting phase 2. The gameplay prototype was completed a few weeks ago and it’s better than I could ever have hoped for. People who playtested the prototype describe it as unique, original, addictive and just plain fun. Those are four words I think every developer likes to hear.


Phase 2 is the creation of a vertical slice which take about four months. And than we will finally be able to show this passion project to the world. From now on you can expect regular updates on COW, Ordinary Heroes and the amazing journey we have embarked upon. As always thank you so much for your support.